Teller und Schalen / Plates and Bowls

Inspired by the natural world and the ancient world, I create these pieces as one-offs or in limited runs.

Many of my designs are based on ancient patterns, like those documented by researcher Flinders Petrie.

There is an interesting tension between the linear nature of the designs and the globular, liquid nature of fused glass.

Essentially, these are mosaics which have been fused together to form one piece.

Teelichter / Tea light Candler Holders

© Gareth Harmer

Tealight candle holders. These are created in the kiln by fusing and slumping hand-cut glass blanks.

They can be made in a variety of colourways, either single colours or multicolour.

For more information about these, please send me an email.

Zisterzienserfenster / Cistercian Window

© Gareth Harmer

Leaded panel measuring 28cm x 56cm.

It is based on a 13th century panel I saw at the Stained Glass Museum in Ely – click here for a link to the original.

My panel includes a selection of textured clear glasses, some of which is reclaimed glass.

Using a varied selection of textured clear glass is a good way to create visual interest without darkening the room.

Especially in the lower third cross, there is a lot of stippled, pin-head style glass from the 1970s-80s, which apparently was popular in office interiors, to divide up open plan areas.

Blue Loop

© Gareth Harmer

The design was entered into the Stevens Award 2019, organised by the Worshipful Company of Glaziers. The brief was to design a panel 1000 cm x 1500 cm suitable for an LED lightbox for installation in an underground proton beam therapy waiting area at UCLH in London.

This is the finished sample panel (45cm x 45cm) showing a section of the proposed work.

The design is made up of fused tiles which have been leaded together, depicting a mobius strip.